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Help Advocates



Chon Kandaris started Help Advocates in 1995 after leaving Utah Legal Services. She saw the continuing need that Carbon and Emery County residents had in applying for and getting Disability Benefits from Social Security. Help Advocates incorporated in 2003. Chon retired in 2006, and her daughter, Cynthia Lowry, took the helm of the company.
Since it’s inception, Help Advocates has helped to bring millions of dollars into the local economy by getting benefits for their clients. This has also helped the State of Utah by re-paying General Assistance benefits from SSI recipients’ past-due benefits, allowing the State to continue helping others in need.
Help Advocates, Inc. has a small staff, and we get to know our clients personally. Kathryn Etzel is the Office Manager. She is the one responsible for handling phone calls, setting appointments, following up on paperwork and medical records, and more. Cindy Lowry is the Claimant’s Representative. She does the initial interview with the potential claimant to determine eligibility, reads all of the records in the file, and travels to hearings to represent claimants before U.S. Administrative Law Judges.We have clients throughout the state of Utah, from St. George and Moab to Salt Lake City and Ogden, and many points in between. We also have clients in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Texas, Ohio and Minnesota.
Help Advocates, Inc. specializes in helping those in need to apply for and receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. We will help from the initial paper work and application through the hearing stage and beyond, if necessary.
Social Security is a complicated process. Eligibility is dependent upon severity of impairment from either physical and/or mental impairment(s), age, education, background, work history, ability to read, write and communicate in English, and in SSI claims, assets and household income.
There are no “up-front” costs to the person filing for Disability benefits. Fees are set by Social Security, not Help Advocates or any other Representative, and are solely dependent on whether the claimant receives “past-due” benefits.
If you believe you are disabled and may qualify for disability benefits from Social Security, please call us to set up an appointment. You may be assured that you will know who is handling your claim and who will be representing you at a hearing if needed.

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