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Castle Valley Watch | September 11 – 17


Castle Valley Watch

September 11
Jensen, Dusty, 25, Price, warrant
Jensen, Shaylee, 24, Price, warrant
Aldaba, Richard, 30, Price, disorderly conduct
Hunt, Jonathan, 37, Price, 31 day commit
Josephson, Loriann, 26, East Carbon, court commitment
Hindley, Diane, 62, Price, warrant
Garlick, Michael, 32, Spanish Fork, warrant, DOS, speeding
Mower, Shelbi, 40, Price, 72 hour hold
Langford, Gerald, 66, Green River, DOS, warrants
September 12
Salzetti, Michael, 31, Helper, warrant
Turner-Steele, Audrie, 33 West Jordan, warrant
Garcia, Jessica, 37, East Carbon, warrant
Rea, Glenn, 31, Price, warrant, false information to police
Ransay, Crystal, 37, Helper, assault (dv), domestic violence child presence
Drumm, Jess, 46, Price, theft, possession c/s, possession of paraphernalia
Sabey, Alexus, 21, Price, fail to stop at command of officer
Bardsley, Brandon, 18, Price, possession stolen firearm
Pendleton, James, 20, Price, fail to stop at command of officer, possession of stolen property
Olson, Riley, 19, Price, burglary of dwelling, theft, possession of a stolen firearm
Petzold, Siegi, 27, Helper, retail theft
Brown, Marvin, 65, Helper, warrant x3
Garcia, Precillin, 22, Price, warrrants
Mumford, Levi, 36, Wellington, contributing to minor, open container, possession of interdicted person, unlawful consumption, DUI, 72 hour hold
Basso, Melyssa, 46, Oregon, warrant
September 13
Kouris, Stephanie, 27, Price, possession of paraphernalia, distribution of c/s
Martinez, Michael, 37, Price, possession of paraphernalia, distribution of c/s
Bowthorpe, Matthew, 36, Riverton, warrant
Jones, Jasmine, 35, homeless, aggravated assault
Salas, Jeffery, 28, Price, warrant
Axelgard, Dana, 55, Price, warrants
September 14
Heaton, Travis, 48, Huntington, warrants x2
Davis, Nichole, 24, Price, 72 hour hold
Blakesless, Kaitlyn, 26, Wellington, 72 hour hold
Howell, Dannie, 35, Price, court hold
Robertson, David, 44, Price, court hold
Bass, Bradley, 26, Price, court hold
Mower, Shelbi, 40, Price, 72 hour hold
September 15
Quintana, Alvino, 41, Price, warrants
Sanchez, Matthew, 31, West Valley, warrants x2
Guitierrez, Richard, 44, Price, retail theft
Wilson, Desiree, 36, Price, warrant
September 16
Schmidt, Tara, 31, Wellington, warrant
September 17
Frazier, Edward, 32, East Carbon, domestic assualt, disorderly conduct DV, intoxication
Gallup, Jacilyn, 27, Wellington, warrant

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