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North Springs Shooting Range



For the shooting enthusiast the North Springs Shooting Range and Recreation area in the heart of Castle Country is the chance to test your shooting skills in a fun, challenging and safe environment, and located 15 miles south of Price. The range began as a request from the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office for an indoor pistol range and training facility. With input from local gun enthusiasts. As things evolved Carbon County then constructed this state-of-art shooting facility changed and the range developed into 640 acres of what is now referred to as one of the best shooting venues in the world.
The range currently offers shooting venues for long-range shooters, high-powered rifle, small bore rifle, Black Powder, handgun, archery, shotgun and law enforcement training. One main attraction at North Springs is Castle Gate Cowboy Town. The recreation of this “Old West” town allows for cowboy action shooting. Fifteen false fronted buildings have been authentically designed and you can imagine that you are the sheriff or an outlaw as you take aim at over 300 steel targets.
The large cabin at the Castle Gate Town can be used for a variety of functions including weddings and family reunions. A camping area with over 120 sites is available for those who aren’t satisfied with just a few hours of fun.
North Springs has many public shooting ranges and can accommodate shooters of all ages and abilities. The long range has 600 and 1,000 yard ranges with 65 shooting tables and five heaters to keep warm in the cooler weather. The 100 yard range includes pistol bays, and a 50 yard steel target range.
There are four separate archery ranges including Three 3-D courses, one with 30 targets, for the beginner to expert archer, and one with 20 targets set up in a more realistic setting to prepare you for the big hunt. And a third which will challenge the most skilled archer. There are block targets for sighting in as well as an excelsior bale field range for fun and competition.
The law enforcement range provides a state-of-the-art targeting system with targets at 100, 50 and 25 yards. Officers master their shooting techniques for handguns, entry weapons and rifles. At this area of the range there is a live-fire shoot house with three separate rooms and a barricaded front door for essential hands on training.
Other recreation activities available at North Springs include ATVing, biking, hiking and camping.
The North Springs Shooting Range is open all year from Thursday through Sunday. For more information please visit www.carbon.utah.gov/north_spring or call 435-650-7728.

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