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After a couple of years in the business, Mark and Fuzzy are more excited than ever. Bicyclewerks is turning in to Castle Country’s lifestyle shop ­ the place to go for bikes (road, mountain, bmx & youth) as well as paddleboards, camping gear, climbing gear, health and wellness gear, shoes, winter gear and other outdoor/lifestyle products.
Their goal is not the sale, but providing you the right information. They believe you will make the best decision for yourself if you have good information. They are passionate about living a healthy, productive and enjoyable life and having fun along the way and it shows in how they deal with their customers.
If you haven’t heard, the biking opportunities available to people in Castle Valley rival trails anywhere in Utah. From the desert terrains with buttes and mesas to the mountainous regions with forest trails, biking is a popular recreational activity in the Carbon­ Emery region.
Whether you want to test drive or just want to have fun, you can rent a bicycle, paddleboard or snowboard at Bicyclewerks. For example, bicycles start at $7/day. Half Day, Single Day or Multiple Day rentals are available, see store for details.
As the 2016 season winds down, Mark and Fuzzy are excited for the future of Bicyclewerks and invite you to SHOP LOCAL at 82 N. 100 W. in Price.

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