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Price City Council awarded cash to several local charities



By Renee Banasky
Contributing Writer

The Price City Council recently shared the joy by awarding cash to several local charities. Proceeds from the International Days Golf Tournament were given to causes chosen by the city council at their meeting last week on Aug. 23 .
“It is a great thing. The little bit of profit from the tournament helps many people. Price City is very proud of the fact that there is no tax money involved in these gifts. The team fees and the sponsors of the tournament make it all possible. It is a way for Price City to give back to the community,” said Nick Tatton, Price City community director, who runs the golf tourney.
Each year the city council tries to pick different organizations to donate to. This year benefiting organizations were the: United Way Day of Caring, Carbon County Food Bank, Castle Valley Center, Carbon High golf teams, the Veterans of Foreign Wars scholarship fund and Castle Country Radio’s fuel card program. Each year, the council purchases a large American flag for the pole near the Price Chapel, contributes to the fireworks fund for International Days with golf tournament proceeds and the Price City scholoarship fund.
This year’s golf tournament attracted over 30 teams, and there was a waiting list of teams who wanted to join in the fun. Tatton explained that the tourney will continue to improve every year, “We encourage people to be a part of the tournament next year…It has become a premier tournament- there are great prizes and a lot of fun to be had.”

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