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15th Annual Robber’s Roost Team Roping Classic


    Top 50+ roper goes to Shawn Jeweks and Gary Hall, top lady roper Afton Mccourt and top youth roper Race Gordon!


1st Kevin Gordon/ Taylen Nielsen trophy buckles and $1,600 a team

2nd Kyle Fox/ Taylor Behling $1,140 a team

3rd Trent Young/ Jesse Jeweks $960 a team

4th Dillon Wilstead/ Wyatt Thomas $700 a team

5th Louie Ivie/ Nick Rukavina $460 a team

6th Kyle Fox/ Taylor Wilstead $300 a team

    Fast time: Dillon Wilstead/ Wyatt Thomas 6.14 second $200 a team


Ladies Breakaway

1st Amy Fox $410 and a trophy buckle

2nd Jackie Fox $160.

#4 Saddle Roping (178 team)

1st Ty Gordon/ Clint Mickelson Saddles and $1,400 a team

2nd Ty Gordon/ Ken Groves buckles and $1,200

3rd Jed Kofford/ Kevin Gordon buckles and $900

4th Bowdie Jacobson/Dawnette Gordonn buckles and $680

5th Kim Kennedy/Taylor Behlingg incentive buckles and $440

6th Chris Nielsen/ James Allen $240


12 Slide

1st Perry Goldtooth/ Stick Smith trophy rifles and $900 a team

2nd Perry Goldtooth/ Wyatt Thomas $540

3rd Kelson Robinson/ Wyatt Thomas $360

#10 Trailer Roping

2017 trailer winner: Kyle Fox

1st Al Tohtsonie/ Andy King $2,300 and sponsored IFA prize a team

2nd Kyle Fox/ Casey Thomas $1,600 and sponsored prize from IFA a team

3rd Jessee Jewkes/ Hector Sandoval $1,300 & sponsored prize from IFA a team

4th Afton McCourt/ Adam Babin $1,000 a team

5th Darrin Allred/ Ryan Anderson $660

6th Austin Gleave/ Ryan Anderson $200

7th Perry Goldtooth/ Ryan Anderson $200

8th Austin Gleave/ Casey Thomas $200

9th Kyle Fox/ Gordon Van Dyke $200

10th Dax Hall/ Gary Hall $200

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