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Two local power plants recognized for operational excellence


President and CEO Cindy Crane and Huntington Plant Manager Darrell Cunningham receive the top performing award for coal plants under 500 megawatts.

Rocky Mountain Power’s Huntington and Hunter plants have received Generation Knowledge Service Plant Operational Excellence Awards from Navigant, an industry consulting services firm. The awards recognize coal-fueled and combined-cycle power plants that have demonstrated excellence in cost and operational management, as well as improved performance and reliability.
The Huntington plant was recognized as the top performer for coal plants under 500 megawatts, with Hunter plant as runner-up. The GKS Plant Operational Excellence Awards are based on a review of non-fuel operations and maintenance costs, as well as availability and reliability measures.
“In this time of continual operational and cost pressures in the generation industry, I am amazed at the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the dedicated people operating these plants,” said Dale Probasco, managing director of global generation services at Navigant. “They continue to make them a viable and vital part of providing energy across the United States, and they truly represent the best in our industry.”
The plants employs over 400 employees, many from Carbon or Emery Counties. The Aug. 21, 2017 ceremony breakfast was held at Hunter Power Plant in CastleDale and a lunch was held at Huntington Power Plant. In addition to the employees, President and CEO Cindy Crane, and Vice president Dana Ralston, along with elected officials from the two counties celebrated this prestigious award
Rocky Mountain Power provides electric service to more than one million customers in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.

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