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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Wondering about voter apathy

By Barry Horsley

Where have all the voters gone? On Tuesday, August 15th, the primary election was held where approximately 1,000 voters decided who would be on the ballot for November for the Price city mayor and city council.
When looking back at the results of the Presidential race in 2016, there were nearly 4,500 voters that voted within Price City. (https://www.carbon.utah.gov/election) I have heard phrases like….. “It’s only a primary” or “It’s not the real election” and I have to wonder where the education system or society failed in teaching our citizens the important process of election.
The primary could make or break a candidate in obtaining their sought office. It is my belief that local elections can have more of a daily impact on your life rather than the large national elections.
You can have a direct impact on where and who is spending your tax dollar. The election process often begins with a primary and can carry as much weight or more than the general election in November. It still makes a determination of who may and who will not be the elected official and in the case of the recent election, it eliminated more that those who would go forward.
It would be my hope that we take the same vested interest in electing our local leaders as we do in complaining about what they do. To check your registration or to register visit http://vote.utah.gov
Barry Horsley

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