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Youth compete to clean the neighborhood


The Boys and Girls club hosted a community clean up competition. Youth picked up 15 bags of garbage. 

The youth of the Carbon County Boys and Girls Club hit the streets in teams Aug. 9 to clean up the neighborhood and hopefully return with enough collected litter for first prize.
More than 40 Club members gathered more than 15 bags of garbage from the streets surrounding the club.
The club kept an exciting schedule of activities for their last week of summer program, which included an Iron Chef competition, a games tournament, a service project competition, a talent show and a party. The kids from the club gathered in four teams throughout the week to complete each challenge for the most points by the end of the week. The service project focused on finding a way for every club member to give back to the community, regardless of their age.
Club Director Olivia Dudding Rodriguez shared her thoughts about the project.
“This was an opportunity for the youth of our community to see one small way for them to make a difference,” Rodriguez said. “Our motto is ‘great futures start here’ and we work on that great future one day, one small act at a time.”
As the club prepares for the school year, it looks forward to restarting the school year program Aug. 28 and having an open house Sept. 8 to celebrate the Carbon County Club officially joining the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Salt Lake. The open house is open to all members of the community and is a unique opportunity to learn about the goals of the Boys & Girls Club program and discover ways to participate. School year program hours are Monday from 1-6 p.m. and Tuesday through Friday from 3-6 p.m. Membership dues are a yearly $20 fee that cover the entire school year. Spaces are still available for the school year program. For answers to questions about the program, reach out to Rodriguez at odudding@gslclubs.org.

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