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Koret reunion planned


The GCR Tire building was formally housed the Koret clothing plant

Some former workers at the Koret of California plant in Price are planning what they say is a long overdue reunion next month and are inviting any former Koret employee to join them.
The reunion organizers include Sue Pilling, Lavon Kutkas, Arletta childs, Mary Ann Oviatt, Anita Oneil, Janet Rodel and Mae Vonne Adams.
According to information provided by Mae Vonne Adams, the plant was officially opened on Labor Day, 1968. By June 1970, with the production of 3,000 units per day, one million pairs of pants had been produced.
Almost 200 men and women from Carbon and Emery Counties were employed by Koret during its 30-year operation. It was the city’s sixth largest employer and provided good wages and benefits, with flexible working hours for employees with children in school.
Trade agreements such as NAFTA, cheap labor overseas and the higher cost of domestic production factored into the closing of the Price plant on September 1, 1998. The closure, which eliminated 104 jobs and a payroll of $2.5 million, had a hard impact on the area.
Reunion organizers said they are reaching out to all former employees because the friendships formed at the Koret plant were one of the lasting benefits of working together.
The Koret employee reunion will be held at Pioneer Park in Price from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sat. Sept. 23.

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