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Lagoon was just one perk for Sizzling Summer Fun


Sizzling Summer Fun

The Sun Advocate has boosted summer fun for participants in its activity program – and the fun is being extended even past the typical vacationing, out-of-school months.
The newspaper gave away four Lagoon tickets and has plans to celebrate in September, on Kiwanis Kids Day.
The Sizzling Summer Fun program started previously, kicking off June 1 – and there is still time to join the fun.
Books listing prizes, giveaways and an August party are available at the Sun Advocate and all participating businesses. Take a photo, drawing, essay or other evidence of a participant completing an activity to the sponsoring business.
Once your participation is approved, you will receive a sticker on the score sheet on the back of your booklet.
Prizes will be given for the most-complete workbooks, along with student awards and weekly cash and prize giveaways. Be sure to check out the BONUS section of the workbook and keep up with the Sun Advocate, where clues will be given for the weekly giveaways.
Activities range in effort and difficulty, with everything from Read a Book and Go Stargazing with a Friend to Go Camping and Practice Putting the Green. Overall, more than 40 activities are displayed in the booklets to keep children entertained, active and involved in their corner of the world.
Kids of all ages are welcome to participate, but parents, please be courteous when visiting businesses who have been so generous in their participation.
Sizzling Summer Fun is part of the Sun Advocate’s K.I.D.S. (Kids Involved and Determined to Succeed) program, which is designed to keep children healthy and become more part of their community. The activities in the booklet encourage kids to get out, be active and enjoy their surroundings.

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