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By Joan Powell

After my letter of anger that was posted in the Sun Advocate and Emery County Progress a few weeks ago, I just wanted you citizens in the county to know of the good things that can happen.
Our Carbon County Road Crew went to the Nuck Woodward Road area recently and spent a few days repairing the road, as was the memo of understanding between Carbon and Emery County, and the Forest Service.
This road did have some minor damage to it. But it was not irreparable damage. The CCRC did an excellent job of fixing the bad areas of the road.
I personally want to thank them for their efforts. My husband and I went up Monday afternoon (the 24th of July), for an afternoon drive to check it out. What a beautiful drive it is. And it was quite interesting to me to have him take a trip down memory lane as we drove along.
I urge you as local citizens to go up and take the drive, you need to go as to get your vehicle counted on the trail counter that has been recently installed by the Forest Service to monitor the roads’ usage.
I really want to go back in September to see the fall colors. When you take the drive now, plan on taking the drive again in the fall. It will be fun to see the difference in the landscape color, if they (the Forest Service) don’t carry out their threat to close it September through November for the selective hunters.
Thank you, Carbon County Road Department!
Joan Powell                                                                                

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