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Castle Valley Watch July 31 – August 6


Castle Valley Watch

July 31

Balone, Tawni, 29, Oregon, Possession of Meth, Possesion of Drug Paraphernalia, Violation of Protective Order.

Jones, Lara. 31, Highland, Court Commitment

Rodrigruez, Paul, 37, Helper, Identity Theft, Poss of Paraphernalia

Gunn, Paul, 39, Salt Lake City, Warrant X2

Coho, Precious, 20, Helper, Bench Warrant, Poss of Heroin, Poss of Paraphernalia

Herzet, Alina, 26, Homeless, Warrant X2

August 1

Taylor, Jason, 28, Price, Warrant

Duran, Deztinee, 26, Salt Lake City, Warrant

Edwards, Tina, 22, Price, Distribution of a Controlled Substance, Distribution of a Controlled Substance, Distribution of a Controlled Substance, Drug Paraphernalia

Brown, Laura, 64, Salem, Warrant X2

Cunningham, Eian, 27, Homeless, Warrant

Jensen, Casey, 47, Huntington, Warrant X2

Deeter, Joseph, 31, Price, Warrant X2

Benson, Nichole, 36, Price, Warrant

August 2

Howell, Levi, 33, Salt Lake City, Warant

Atwood, Austin, 21, Sandy, Warrant

Augut 3

Pierucci, Kimberly, 48, Price, Warrrant

Marvidikis, William, 50, Helper, Warrant

Ellington, Keanna, 20, Helper, Warrant

Iriart, Michael, 41, Price, Warrant

Flemmet, Eric, 35, Helper, Suspended DL, No Proof of Insurance, No Registration in Vehicle, Required

Colors/Letters Not Visible on Plate

Marquez, Craig, 28, Price, DUI, Alcohol, Restricted Driver

Madrigal, Laura, 34, Price, 2 SW Warrants

August 4

Motte, Clint, 43, Price, Violation of Protective Order

August 5

Aguayo, Anthony, 19, CA, Warrant

Madsen, Mark, 37, Price, Intoxication, Assault (fighting)

Dennis, Jarrod, 41, Price, Assault (DV)

Hammer, Holley, 47, West Jordan, Intox, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Assault on Peace Officer

Cowles, Samantha, 26. Homeless, Warrant X5, Poss of a Controlled Substance, Poss of Paraphernalia

Izcano- Romero, Mario, 31, Homeless, Poss Paraphernalia, Poss Controlled Substance, Driving on Suspended DL, No Insurance

Dalley, Laurina, 26, Pleasant Grove, Warrant X2

August 6

Holbrooks, Crystal, 45, Price, DUI, Poss of Controlled Substance

Fowler, Sasha, 33, Price, Warrant

Nelson, James, 19, Price, Warrants, Poss of Heroin in a Correctional Facility

Wilstead, Alexis, 20, East Carbon, Warrants

Sanderson, Colton, 21, East Carbon, DUI- Alcohol

Ball, Misty, 45, Orangeville, DUI- Drugs

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