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Fishing Report


Fishing Report

August 2, 2017


Academy Mill Reservoir: Anglers are catching trout using spinners, woolly buggers and traditional baits. Academy Mill Reservoir was stocked with 3,000 tiger trout on June 28. (08-02-17)

Benches Pond: Benches Pond was stocked with 500 rainbow trout on July 12. Try using spinners, worms and PowerBait to catch these recently stocked fish. You might also catch fish using fly patterns, like leeches, beadheads and soft hackle flies. (08-02-17)

Boulger Reservoir: On July 12, Boulger was stocked with 400 rainbow trout averaging almost 10 inches. PowerBait, nightcrawlers and spinners are a safe bet. (08-02-17)

Carbon County Community Fishing Pond: Fishing is good for rainbow trout using worms and PowerBait. Salmon eggs have also been effective. (08-02-17)

Cleveland Reservoir: The reservoir was stocked with 2,500 rainbow trout during July. Try fishing using spinners, PowerBait and worms. (08-02-17)

Electric Lake: Anglers have had some luck trolling for kokanee salmon using downriggers, dodgers and pop gear. But the water has been murky and mossy. Some anglers have also caught cutthroat trout using beadhead red leech lures. (08-02-17)

Gigliotti Pond: Rainbow trout here are biting on worms and PowerBait. Salmon eggs have also been effective. (08-02-17)

Gooseberry Reservoir: The rainbow trout are biting on several styles of artificial lures, including beadhead olive soft hackle flies and beadhead red leeches. Gooseberry was stocked on July 27 with 1,500 rainbow trout. (08-02-17)

Grassy Lake: The lake was stocked with more than 1,300 rainbow trout in mid-July. Try using worms, PowerBait or spinners. (08-02-17)

Huntington Reservoir: The tiger trout have been biting on tan-, green- and pearl-colored crystal bugger fly patterns. Anglers have also had luck using beadhead olive soft hackle flies and spinners. (08-02-17)

La Sal Mountains: Dons, Hidden, Oowah and Warner lakes in Grand County were all stocked with rainbow trout in late July. Try using worms, PowerBait or spinners here. (08-02-17)

Lower Fish Creek: Lower Fish Creek was stocked with more than 17,000 brown trout on June 14. As these fish grow, try using woolly buggers, caddisflies and other nymph patterns. (08-02-17)

Petes Hole: Petes Hole was stocked with 1,200 rainbow trout on July 17. For trout, try using worms, PowerBait and spinners. (08-02-17)

Potters Ponds: The ponds have both been twice stocked in July with rainbow trout averaging over 10 inches long. Try fihsing using a nightcrawler or PowerBait. (08-02-17)

Scofield Reservoir: Fishing for chub has been steady using worms and PowerBait. So far this summer, Scofield Reservoir has been stocked with more than 143,000 catchable cutthroat trout. Try using spinners or trolling with rainbow- and frog-colored double leg flatfish. (08-02-17)

Soup Bowl: The reservoir was stocked with 600 rainbow trout on July 17. Worms, PowerBait and spinners are a safe bet for catching these trout. (08-02-17)

Wrigley Springs Reservoir: During July, the reservoir was stocked with 1,300 rainbow trout and almost 2,000 tiger trout. Try fishing with worms, PowerBait, spinners or woolly buggers. (08-02-17)

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