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Craig Royce’s recent Mesozoic discovery


100-million-year old dinosaur eggshell found in the Cedar Mountain formation

Craig Evan Royce, Castle Country Author of Uranium Seekers, A Photo-Essay Tribute to Miners, and Country Miles Are Longer Than City Miles, An Important Document in the Art and Social History of Americana, has recently been acknowledged for his advocacy for Utah Paleontology and Archaeology by Kenneth Carpenter, Ph.D. author of over 13 Books and Director of the Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum and Curator of Paleontology and Tim Riley, Ph.D. , nationally recognized archaeologist and Curator of Archaeology whose excavation and scientific work at Carbon County, Utah’s Martinez Pit House site is gaining national recognition.
Riley stated in a letter “Craig Royce has a long history of advocacy for and engagement with the archaeological record of the Colorado Plateau.”
Carpenter offered his acknowledgement for Royce’s “significant discovery of 100-million-year old theropod dinosaur eggshell site in the upper part of Cedar Mountain Formation along the east flank of the San Rafael Swell. The site represents the eastern-most occurrence of the eggshell taxon Macroelongatoolithus carlylei (Jensen 1970).”
Royce is an educator at the Pinnacle Canyon family of schools in Price, Utah and twice past President of the Castle Valley Chapter of the Utah Statewide Archaeological Society.

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