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United Way names new exec

Contributing Writer

Price’s chapter of the United Way of Eastern Utah has named a new leader to their organization. Cheryl Wilcox will replace Carole Wright as executive director for the Price location and is eager to make her mark in the new role.
Only a month into her position, Wilcox already has a full plate and aims to live up to her predecessor’s reputation. “Carole set a really high bar. So right now [it’s] just trying to catch up with the great job that Carole did,” she said.
This isn’t her first time serving her community in such a capacity. Before she retired, Wilcox spent 27 years as the children’s pastor at Price Chapel and also served as the Christian education director at the same time. “Running a program like that, doing lots of events for the kids…lots of events and programs, is a little bit like [United Way]. This is on a much bigger scale,” she said.
When asked about what the specifics of her new job will entail, Wilcox replied, “The executive director’s role is partly to be the face of United Way. To get out there and meet the community, talk to a lot of people, advocate for support for the United Way and get people excited about coming together to inspire our community and make it better.”
She also expressed her excitement for projects in the future such as the Day of Caring in the summer, and the Angel Tree around Christmastime. But before she could get to those events, Wilcox noted that she had a project in front of her that she is just as excited about, the Born Learning Trail, which takes place on May 6. “That’s my first thing that I really want to see go well. My measuring stick is, ‘Ok, let’s see how this goes,’ and then start working on the next things that are on the list, and there are many,” she said.
Overall, Wilcox’s enthusiasm will be what drives her, and what will drive the local United Way here in Price.
“I’ve been going through files and things, looking at what was done in the past, hoping we can make it bigger, make it better. Do more projects, get more things done, serve more people,” she said.

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