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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Feels unwelcome at Price Council



By Mel Coonrod


During the middle of last month I requested the opportunity to address the Mayor of Price and the City
Council on the 12th of April’s City Council meeting. I asked to be placed on the agenda. On the 5th of April I received a call that I was not welcome at the meeting because, according to the Mayor, I wanted to address the council and Mayor on a non-actionable item.
Since I am not allowed to speak at the meeting I would like the Mayor and council to consider what I would have requested had I not been denied. I wanted to ask the council to consider placing any contract work with tax dollars over $10,000 to go out for bid. I do feel this is an actionable request.
Considering I am not welcome at the council meeting perhaps those people who feel this is an idea that has merit would express their views to the various council members. Let’s hope with this next election we can insure that all ideas are free to be voiced. I believe the Mayor and perhaps some council members are up for reelection. When I asked this question about open bidding two months ago, I was told that the people who came up with an idea should be given the work. That does not sound like a public policy I can endorse.
I’m sure everyone would agree that is absurd. Fed up and unwelcome!
Mel Coonrod

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