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‘Flowerteers’ needed for graves project

By Sun Advocate

The No Grave Unadorned project for Memorial Day in Carbon and Emery Counties is moving along but still needs volunteers – “Flowerteers” – make flowers or donate funds or materials so every grave in the two-county area can be decorated.
In past years, volunteers made enough flowers and donated enough time to make more than 40,000 flowers. Then volunteers spent the week before the Memorial Day weekend putting flowers on graves to complete the project.
This year the goal is to again make 40,000 flowers.

Unique project

This project is also unique in the United States. It began with an idea here and while others have contacted us about the idea for their communities, as far as we know none have done anything similar.
While each flower does not cost much, added up the material list comes to quite a bill, so cash donations are requested from those who can contribute.
Many of the volunteers who make the flowers have said the project is one of the most fun things they have ever participated in. Please volunteer or contribute by contacting Cheryl Young at 435 637-0732.

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