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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Writer insists dam request for proposals was not fair

By Sun Advocate

I would like to compliment and thank Keith R. Grogan of Price who addressed my letter to the editor of March 7, 2017.
Keith, like you asked, I too would like to get the facts straight. You were correct, Price City recently sent out a Request for Proposal, “RFP”. Unfortunately, it was so poorly done that after our civil engineer looked at the two exhibits (A) 8×11 map with a dotted line representing the pipeline and a Google Earth map that was even done with less accuracy with a red patch representing the proposed reservoir. Our firm felt it would be impossible to present an accurate dollar amount bid. We asked what they wanted us to bid on and gave our request to the city engineer, the mayor and a city council person two days prior to the bid opening. No one answered our inquiry.
Our firm frequently asks for bids on various projects. We outline the project with actual hard facts such as (1) area of disturbance and number of acres, (2) length of pipeline feet, miles, (3) width of pipeline right-of-way, (4) methods proposed to cross rivers, highways, railroad lines, etc.
By doing this every bidder has the same information and each bid is evaluated on a realistic cost basis.
Our firm does not have a crystal ball nor did we receive any insider information that answered these very basic questions. The maps do not show a barrow area for the proposed dam. I suppose this material will be manufactured on site! No road access, I assume they will be using helicopters to build the dam. This RFP was a joke. If it represents the degree of skill that will go into building the reservoir, God help us all because we will need it! I taught 7th grade science.
This RFP would have been better prepared by any of my students. This is an example of how the “good old boys” attempt to make the process appear fair while giving work to who they want at twice what our cost would have been. Keith, if you truly want to see the reservoir get built ask that the city get several engineering firms involved. Let’s see numerous proposals by firms that build dams as their main function. By the way, FEMA will not determine a new flood plain until after the proposed reservoir is built.
I am angry. I feel it was not a fair bidding process. I can’t understand why our question of “What is the bid for?” was not answered. If any of the readers of this letter agree that this reservoir may not be a good idea, please feel free to call me or my office at 435-472-3814 or 435-650-3814. We are in contact with a legal firm who may want to challenge this in court.
I wrote a letter earlier but I guess the Sun Advocate believes in free speech so long as it does not impact their bottom line in securing advertising.
Mel Coonrod

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