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If you can read this, Tuesday is not your day

By Jenni Fasselin

Who doesn’t love animals? Spending many years on a farm, they have certainly made a place in my heart. Their antics have always made my life more lighthearted and meaningful.
Poncho, the horse pictured here, loves to fetch sticks by himself. I don’t care who you are, the mental image of that is funny. By the look captured on this photo he thinks it’s pretty funny too. Or maybe this look was from these other funny stories I told him about other animals on the farm.
The cat and ram sheep are best friends. The old ram continually gives the kitty rides on his back, so the cat doesn’t get his dainty little feet wet. The ram takes the cat to the wood pile to bask in the sun and in turn the cat would stare adoringly at the old sheep for hours on end. 
Then there is the old dog who likes tennis; you are going to love this.
A young pup comes to visit, little boy is playing fetch with him. The old dog watches boy, the stick and pup intently. The look of disdain is totally apparent. The old dog loathed that young pup playing with his boy. He had watched them intently for twenty minutes or so, sitting on the porch first looking at the boy, then the pup. His eyes followed both sides like it was a tennis game, but judging from the look in his eye, he wanted this game done. He gets up, shakes off and goes and joins the game. The stick was thrown, both old dog and pup run after it. Young pup gets there first. Old dog is beyond angry; he is livid.
The stick is thrown again. This time the old dog and pup get there at the same time, and bring the stick back together, fighting between themselves all the way up the sidewalk to the boy. You can tell the old dog wants to rip the pup and the stick to shreds. This time, when the stick is thrown the unbelievable happens. The old dog gets there first, but instead of picking the stick up he pees on it. End of game there; neither pup nor boy will touch it. Moral of the story is if you can’t beat them or join them, pee on them. When I told Poncho what the other animals were doing, he thought it was funnier than shaking a stick at!
Don’t forget Tuesday is national pet day. The Sun Advocate and Emery County Progress are gathering food, toys and other items to donate to the animal shelters for the pets that haven’t found their humans yet. If you would like to donate, you can drop off pet-friendly items at either office.

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