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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Mourning the passing of an old friend

By Sun Advocate

I was saddened to read the death of my dear friend, Faye Fox Branson. Faye and I grew up together in Helper and worked at the Strand Theatre for several years.
Faye sold tickets and I sold candy plus take the tickets. You can’t imagine how many of our friends got in free. Thank God, our boss Bert Milano didn’t fire us. He was a wonderful boss, never called us down for giving free entree to the movies.
After completing our shift, we would go over to the Bonnie Theatre to watch the final showing, walking home around 10:30 p.m. We would run when we approached the old ice house, which we thought was haunted.
We would split company shortly after, her taking off over the tracks and I would head home by myself. Of course we had our homework to complete until 12 midnight. We never encountered anyone tyring to pick us up. A person would be afraid to walk today.
We had so much fun working at the theatre and growing up in Helper. Those were the good old days. She will be missed.
Flora (Borla) Franck
Clovis, CA

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