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New books for young readers

By Sun Advocate

Youngsters at the Helper Library look though a whole stack of new books on display. The acquisition was made possible by a grant from the Children’s Book Project of the Pilcrow Foundation of Cottage Grove, OR. Local donors of the Friends of the Library also contributed. The Pilcrow Foundation supports rural public libraries through partnerships with local donors. The new books provided through the Children’s Book Project become part of the libary’s permanent collection so that young readers will have access to quality books in years to come.
Lenise Peterman submitted the grant application. The foundation considers such things as the library’s financial need, community population, closeness to urban communities, number of children who visit and programs for children.
The foundation’s mission statement includes this principle: “We know that readingb to and with children every day and providing them with frequent opportunities to read on their own are important activities for literacy development. Literacy is the greatest gift we can give to our children; the public library is where we can start.

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