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Christmas storms helped to push snowpack up a bit

By Rick Sherman

If it seems like it has snowed more this winter as compared last year, it has– but only slightly more. As of Tuesday, snow depth in the mountains of the Price-San Rafael River Basin is up a just few inches from the same day in 2016. According to the National Resources Conservation Service and the National Water Climate Center, the deepest mountain snow depth was 37 inches at the Clear Creek #1 Snotel site, at an elevation of 8,908 feet above sea level. That compares with 30 inches for the same day in 2016. The Clear Creek #2 site at 7,659 feet in elevation recorded 35 inches, compared to 25 inches last year.
Thirty-seven inches was also measured at the 8,727 foot Mammoth-Cottonwood site, up just one inch over last year. Thirty-one inches blanket the ground at the 9,175 foot summit of Indian Canyon- four inches more than a year ago. And the White River #1 Snotel site at 8,641 feet in elevation, shows 30 inches of snow. Twenty-eight inches was reported on the same day in 2016.
In terms of snow-water content, the Snotel sites in the Price-San Rafael River Basin Basin combined currently average 113 percent of normal, and 141 percent of the median calculated from 1981 to 2010.

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