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School board learns about Shakepeare with a play

By Sun Advocate

The Carbon School Board learned about the impact William Shakespeare has had on our modern society during their meeting on May 11, but it wasn’t through some dull presentation. It was done through The Bard’s favorite medium for conveying his ideas, a play.
The short Carbon High student written play called The Rebirth of Literature: Shakespeare’s Encounter, Exploration and Exchange of Ideas was presented. It is a program which won the school a first place in Senior Group Performance at the recent state competition.
The group performance included five students including Mersedez Clifford, Tyler Pierce, Katie Snow, Tessa Atwood and Zoey Kourianos. They led the board through a journey that showed how the Bard came to be, how he was published and became famous and how his works affect our lives today.
With that first place finish at state, the group will now be traveling to College Park, Maryland to compete against performance groups from across the United States.
But this group of students are not the only ones from Carbon District that will be going to the east coast to compete.
Sadie Crompton took second place in the state at the state history fair with her individual exhibit entitled The Exploration of Women’s Rights During World War II: The Manti Parachute Factory. She will be competing in that category at nationals too.
Another competitor in Maryland will be Britlie Sharp, who took second place in state for an individual documentary entitled Exploration of Heart Surgery in Utah.
Carbon also placed another entry in the group performance category with Explore, Encounter, and Exchange in Colonial America. That group of students included Luke Hansen, Kanyon Beecher, Logan Engar, Paul Bryner and McKenna Sorenson. They took third place at state and are the alternates should the first or second place group not be able to go.
In the Group Documentary category Mason Rogers and Abby Robertson took third place at state with The Development of Aspirin: The First Modern Pain Reliever. They are also alternates.
A special award at state, called the Fort Douglas Museum Military History Award was presented to Kody Wells for his work on an exhibit concerning World War II. It was called Glenn Miller: Exchanging Music for Morale in World War II.

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