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Tally of stolen RV batteries grows, suspect arrested

By Sun Advocate

The count of reported stolen RV batteries in the Price area rose to three dozen by Friday afternoon and a suspect has been arrested and booked into Carbon County Jail, according to Price Police Capt. Bill Barnes.
On Wednesday, May 4, Price City Patrol Officers began receiving reports of stolen batteries from camp trailers. Additional reports came in the next day. Targeted neighborhoods were mainly in northeast Price, and some in south neighborhoods. Most of the targeted campers were parked in alleyways.
Officer Cameron Sartori located over a dozen stolen batteries at a local recycling business and developed leads identifying suspects in the thefts.
On Thursday afternoon Price City investigators Sgt. Brandon Sicilia and Detective Chris Pugliese located and interviewed a male suspect. Subsequently two other suspects were located and interviewed. All had been given their Miranda warnings and to varying degrees cooperated with investigators. One male suspect allegedly indicated the motive for the thefts was to get cash to purchase heroin. Two of the suspects allegedly explained their planning and methods for the criminal episode to the investigators.
Ultimately, Chase Mitchell Kyriss, 24, of Price was booked into the Carbon County Jail on Vehicle Burglary (campers are considered to be vehicles) 76-6-204, a Class A misdemeanor, Possession of Stolen Property 76-6-408 as a third degree felony (based on the value of the batteries), and Conspiracy 76-4-201 as a Class B misdemeanor.
Kyriss has one previous arrest and conviction for Aggravated Burglary and is currently on probation with Adult Probation and Parole.

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