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Medical marijuana definitely not legal in Utah, duo discovers

By Sun Advocate

Price City Police arrested two suspects on Saturday around 1:30 a.m. for allegedly carrying medicinal marijuana from Colorado, including THC pills and THC chocolate almonds.
Price City Police Officer Drew Olson, who pulled the car over for a traffic violation, located several marijuana dispensary bottles which contained suspected marijuana, several paper bags with a Colorado flag explaining medicinal marijuana, THC pills and THC chocolate almonds (inside another Colorado flag paper bag). There was a total of 23.6 grams of marijuana from five different dispensary bottles, 18 THC “Relax Pills”, and numerous items of paraphernalia seized as a result of the traffic stop.
Sean Ryan Mansfield and Collin Robert Zwiebel were both charged with Possession of marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Mansfield was also charged with Open Container, and traffic offenses associated with the traffic stop, while Zwiebel was also charged with having an active arrest warrant. Both suspects are from out of state but claimed to be residents of the Davis County area.
Mansfield was found to have three prior arrests with one prior conviction for a drug related offense. Zwiebel was found to have no prior arrests.

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