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Farewell to the last original

By Sun Advocate

A trackhoe crunches its way through the walls and roof of the old Student Activity Center on the USU Eastern campus Wednesday morning. The demolition marks the end of the last of the college’s three original buildings. At right is an archive photo of 1930s Price looking west from the top of 400 North Street. The SAC is in the right center of the frame. Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps barracks are in the foreground.
According to research by Dr. Susan Polster of USUE, the 1937 Utah Leagislature approved the creation of the college and authorized construction of a main instructional building, a gymnasium/auditorium and the vocational building which later became the SAC. Total cost for the three was $272,000, shared by the state and the federal Public Works Administration.
The vocational and classroom buildings were completed in time for school opening in September 1938.
Carbon College served high school juniors and seniors as well as college freshmen and sophomores.
Plans for the site are for a grass quadrangle with bell tower.

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