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Ramon Rodriguez

By Sun Advocate

Ramon Rodriguez Jr, 55, of Avondale, passed away February 8, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. Ramon was born on My 7, 1960, in Fabens, Texas, moved to Arizona in 2013. He worked as an over the road truck driver for 20+ years, but had previously worked in the coal mining industry. He loved being on the road and meeting other truckers. He touched many lives, and loved his family so much, and loved spending time with them.
Ramon is survived by his wife, Donna Antillon; 2 daughters, Melissa Pena and Vanessa Sanchez; 3 sons, Jesus Antillon, Abel Sanchez, and Fabian Sanchez; his mother, Maria Elena Antillon; 1 sister, Leonorilda Antillon; 2 brothers, Carlos Antillon and Joel Antillon; and also 5 grandchildren.
Services were held on Monday, February 15 at 10:00am at Avenidas Funeral Chapel. Interment took place at Holy Cross Cemetery in Avondale.

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