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2 – Water users unite for a new dam

By Sun Advocate

Everyone from little ditch companies to big municipal water users has banded together to form the Price River Watershed Council in an effort to design and raise funds for a new, lower-elevation dam and reservoir to store winter water for summer use.
In the Nov. 26 issue, we reported that the council had chosen Garley Canyon west of the golf course.
Users have water rights that are now flowing away unused during winter months, when there is no irrigation.
The water would be diverted just downstream from the Price and PRWID water treatment plants and piped to the canyon reservoir. Total cost of diversion, piping and dam is estimated at $60 million.
If geological studies show it’s feasible and funding is possible, the reservoir would hold about 10,000 acre feet for agricultural and industrial use. Recreational opportunities are also a possibility.

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