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1 – The Miners Memorial

By Sun Advocate

We began our coverage of this landmark undertaking when Frank Markosek and Dennis Ardohain presented their idea to city councils, the county commission and the Sun Advocate. They wanted the community to honor those who died violently over more than a century of mining in Carbon County.
Largely because of their commitment and the work of a committee that rallied behind the project, the idea blossomed into a movement that garnered support across the state and nation to build the Miners Memorial in the Price Peace Gardens on Main Street.
The effort involved collecting the names of every miner who died in every mine in the county, etching those names on plaques, and mounting the names, along with two bronze statues, on a prominent monument. There are 1,352 names on the plaques.
Ground breaking was reported in the Sun Advocate’s May 7 edition and the Labor Day dedication appeared in the Sept. 10 issue. Thousands of people took part in the ceremony, which attracted statewide news coverage.

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