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Castle Country will get close-to-home Homeland Security grant of $225,000

By Rick Sherman

Homeland security continues to be at the forefront with the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere around the world. But it shouldn’t be considered to be just an international or national problem; preparation and response to the threat is ultimately addressed on the local level.
The Carbon-Emery region is in line to receive a $225,000 State Homeland Security Project Grant for fiscal year 2015. Carbon County Emergency Management Coordinator Whitney Waterfall said Carbon County’s share of the grant is about $105,000. She reports the federal funding is allocated to the states, which in turn distribute the money to seven regions in the state based on risks, needs, population and size. Each local entity submits project plans to the state in advance for emergency operations and mitigation. The grant is applied for every year and does not require a match, so no local funding is expended.
Carbon County Commissioners approved the grant during the regular meeting of November 18.

Lots of uses

“It’s one of the largest grants we receive,” Waterfall said adding, “The funding is used for projects to maintain police capabilities, and also goes to the county’s hazmat teams and dive teams.” Team members are required to attend trainings to keep up their certifications. The money is also used for maintenance or replacement of their equipment.
Waterfall explains, “The function of emergency management is to prepare, plan, mitigate and recover.”

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