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Jonna Jackson is Foster Mother of the Year

By Sun Advocate

Jonna Jackson has been named Carbon County’s Foster Mother of the year. She was honored at the May 20 County Commission meeting by Foster Care director Kobi Prettyman and Bonnie Seals of the Division of Child and Family Services.
Jonna Jackson and her husband Rodney began providing foster care to help youth in our community who needed a family to provide support and care for them. The Jacksons have been doing that for teenage boys for the last five years. Jonna accepts youth into her home regardless of their individual situations and challenges. They provide stability for the children until they graduate, and beyond if the youth desires.
“Jonna provides an excellent level of care for those she fosters. They become part of her family and she loves them like her own children,” Prettyman said.
Prettyman added, “She is an integral part of the team that surrounds these children. She will help and assist whenever and however she can. Jonna understands that connection to biological family is important and she insures that the youth in her home are able to maintain these vital relationships.”
The Jacksons support the pursuit of extra- curricular activities for the youth in their home by purchasing all of the required equipment, traveling with them, and striving to provide a life that is as normal as is possible. Her children have participated in moto-cross, wrestling, and cheerleading.

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