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Creekview learns about the Berlin Blockade and “Candy Bombers”

By Scott Pendleton

Creekview Elementary finished their “Patriotic Program” at the end of the school year. The final part of the program involved learning about the “Candy Bombers” at the end of World War II. The students learned how the Berlin Wall created a blockade between east and west Berlin, and how economic hardship and famine affected those living on the east side of Berlin, which was controlled by the Soviet Union.
Gail Halvorson, known as “Uncle Wiggly-Wings”, led the squad of Air Force pilots in dropping food in “Operation Vittles”, which was used to airlift food and supplies to the citizens of East Berlin. He was affectionately called “Uncle Wiggly-Wings” by the children because he would “wiggle his wings” before dropping supplies to the people, letting the children know when they would be dropping candy out of the C-54 cargo aircraft.
The students of Creekview relived those events by a similar “Candy Bombers” program, in which teachers launched candy tied to parachutes off the roof of the school.

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