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Southeastern Utah Fishing Report

By Sun Advocate

ABAJO MOUNTAINS: (March 29) Conservation Officer Dennis Shumway reports that Blanding #3 and #4 reservoirs have thawed and have open water. There are no anglers using either reservoir, though.
CARBON COUNTY COMMUNITY FISHING POND: (March 19) The pond is ice free. On Mar. 14, Tom Ogden reported good fishing.
CLEVELAND RESERVOIR: (March 19) On Mar. 16, Carl Gramlich reported good fishing with white grubs or jigs tipped with mealworms. Carl stressed that the color white was very important on the day he fished. The ice is 15 to 20 inches thick. Snow shoes will make it easier to access the reservoir from the road.
GIGLIOTTI POND: (March 19) The pond is ice free, but we haven’t received any recent fishing reports.
HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR: (March 29) State Park Manager Jonathan Hunt reports that the boat dock and gangway are in place. Anglers report good fishing.
HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR: (March 22) The ice pack remains solid. Anglers report that fishing is slow.
JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR: (March 29) Ice off should happen any time. The ice is thin and transparent and there is open water around all inlets. Ice fishing season is over.
MILLER FLAT RESERVOIR: (March 26) No recent report.
MILLSITE RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (March 19) On Mar. 13, Tom Ogden fly fished from a kick boat for four hours. He used size 6 bead head olive leeches with a gold rib and size 6 wooly buggers on sinking line. Tom caught seven rainbow trout, four cutthroat trout, three splake, one tiger trout and one brown trout. Two of the rainbows were 11 to 12 inches in length, and most of the other fish were in the 14- to 16-inch range. Tom saw a number of shoreline anglers who were catching fish with bait.
SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (March 29) The reservoir is still iced over, but it’s slushy – especially around the shoreline. The extreme south end of the reservoir is ice free. State Park Manager Jonathan Hunt said that ice off happened around April 25 last year.

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