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Staff editorial: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

By Sun Advocate

I know that many people were not happy to see the indian summer we have been enjoying this fall end late last week, but I have just one thing to say to them.
Let it snow.
A lot of friends and associates who know me would say that the only reason I want to see snow is because I am a great winter outdoor enthusiast, Well, I have to admit that is part of it. But hey, I don’t like the bitter cold any more than the rest of the population, but I just see it as a part of what we have to do to get a drink of water next summer.
However, I can also offer you some reasons why snow is good and dry, warm weather is not so good.
•Periodically when it snows, we all have to shovel walks. But let’s face it, that is a lot easier than mowing the lawn a couple of times a week.
•I like plants, but I hate planting them. So the snow gets me out of doing things like planting pansies and petunias. I will admit if you do have to dig a hole this time of year for any reason though, it does become much harder.
•The dogs I own prefer the cold to the warm weather. They would rather stay outside than come in during the cold season. In the summer they are always in the house, camping in my favorite recliner under the air conditioner. Consequently I get the hot spot while they sleep.
•When something goes wrong with my wife’s car I can always blame it on the cold weather rather than on my lack of maintenance skills. I also get to take it to a mechanic to have it repaired because she doesn’t want to see me laying on the cold, wet ground outside. She is not as sensitive to my needs when the temperature is 101 outside because it is shady under the car.
•Snowy and cold weather also gives me a great excuse not to go somewhere. For instance if you get invited over to some family function outside the county you can always say, “Gee it’s snowing out and you know what it is like to cross Soldier Summit in the bad weather.”
•When you go on winter car trips you can just put the soda and water in the trunk and you don’t have to buy any ice. Just wait for a little while; the ice in the bottles or cans costs nothing.
•Hot coffee and hot chocolate taste good to me all the time, but they are even better in the winter. Same goes for things like soup.
•Bad roads are always a proper excuse for being late to something. And even if the roads aren’t bad you can claim the cold weather caused your car not to start or that the black ice, that you couldn’t see on the road, made you drive much slower than usual.
•In cold weather people you don’t like usually don’t come around to visit as often and the ones you do like usually stay longer.
•During cold and wet weather I never feel guilty about watching a movie I want to see instead of out working on something that “I am supposed to be doing.”
•I love the cold so when others complain about it I just tell them how much I enjoy it being 5 degrees. They look at me like I am crazy, which may very well be a correct assumption.
Seriously though, the snow is a blessing we have been needing and I hope it really dumps on us this winter. We as a society have become so distanced from our sources of basic needs that many people think milk and bread are made in the back room of the grocery store and water just comes out of the ground with no end to supply. We need to realize if we are going to live in this high desert that the cold winters with lots of snow are a good thing, and not something we should cuss just because we hate driving in it, or it spoils our ability to play golf year round.
Appreciate the seasons for what they are. Like with people, try to find the best in every season whether it be spring, summer, fall or even that cold, old winter.
Everything in nature has its bright side.

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