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By Sun Advocate

www.crandallcanyonvoices.com is a website dedicated to empowering the people of Carbon and Emery Counties to share their views about the recent tragedies at the Crandall Canyon Mine and the issues currently impacting coal production in our state.
All Castle Valley residents are invited to participate in an online community forum and to submit their insights, personal stories, perspectives, and newslinks of interest for publication. Residents are also encouraged to utilize this website as a means of paying tribute to the men and women who took part in the Crandall Canyon rescue effort and those who lost their lives as heroes and as coal miners. It is the intention of the moderators that www.crandallcanyonvoices.com stand as a regional statement, though the opinions expressed therein may sometimes diverge, and better empower the people of Emery and Carbon Counties to contribute to the ongoing debates and discussions regarding the future of our communities.

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