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Holiday showdown Playstation 3 vs. Wii



By Sun Advocate

Consumers in Carbon County may want to get the pocketbooks ready for the holidays. A survey conducted by Sun Advocate intern Michael Crespin with Carbon High School students found that the recently released Nintendo Wii and the Sony PS3 were the top gift request among males, with a good portion of females also wishing for the game consoles.
The systems were released two days apart in November in order to meet the holiday rush. A look at the two systems shows that they are very different with unique selling points all their own.
The Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) released in North America on Nov. 17, 2006 will have more than 20 first and third party PS3 titles available through the holidays. According to Sony, this is the most robust software line up ever offered by a new console at launch. The launch catalog encompasses the most popular game genres, featuring industry leading franchises as well as new intellectual properties to be released exclusively on PS3.
“Our line-up of PS3 games that will be available through the holidays is unpresidented in terms of volume, variety and innovation, surpassing any previous competitive launch catalog and even our own original offerings for other playstation platforms,” said Kaz Hirai, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America in a press release to the Sun Advocate. “We are pioneering a new era of true next generation gaming through such titles as Resistance: Fall of Man, a visually arresting game that takes advantage of the large storage capacity and exceptional visual clarity offered by Blue-ray disc which is a built in component of the PS3; and NBA 07 running at full 1080p for the highest resolution image possible creating the most realistic characters ever seen in gaming,” Hiria continued.
There are also hundreds of movie titles available for the Blue-ray format of the PS3.
At this point point if you hear a large sucking sound, don’t worry, that is Sony preparing to siphon a large amount of cash directly from your wallet. According to the press release the PS3 comes standard with advanced technologies, such as the cell broadband engine, internal hard disk drive, high definition multimedia interface, wireless controller and network capability at a cost of $499 for a 20 GB hard drive and $599 for the 60 GB model. Additionally games for the console are estimated to retail at around $60.
Where the PS3 is all about power, next generation graphics and an already impressive game library the Wii at least initially is all about the controller.
Intuitive control for anyone using the physical motion of the Wii remote controller, which resembles a television remote control. Up to four Wii remote controllers can be connected at once using the wireless Bluetooth technology included with the system. The wireless signal can be detected within 10 meters of the console. Both and Nunchuk controllers include a three axis motion sensor. The controllers also feature a speaker, rumble feature, expansion port and can be used as a pointer within five meters of the screen. The Wii remote includes a power switch, plus pad, A, B, minus, home, 1 and 2 buttons. The nunchuk which is packaged with the system includes an analog control stick and C and Z buttons.
Problems with the controller have been noted in the media during recent weeks. The controller comes equipped with a wrist strap safety device that according to some consumers can become frayed and torn with vigorous use. There have been reports of broken windows, chandeliers and other items. Nintendo cautions that the safety strap is to be worn at all times and after market companies are already working on additional safety devices.
The Wii console can communicate with the Internet even when the power is off. Users can connect wirelessly or with the Wii LAN adapter. The system also can communicate wirelessly with the Nintendo DS.
The Wii will have downloadable access to 20 years of Nintendo titles going all the way back to the Nintendo Entertainment System. According to Nintendo’s press release the system will also be home to new games conceived by indie developers whose creativity is larger than their budgets. The PS3 is also backwards compatible with many of it’s older titles to check for compatibility visit www.us.playstation.com.
While the Wii is not cheap it comes in at half of the price of the larger PS3 system at $249 suggested retail.
As I said before each system has a selling point all their own and some individuals interviewed claimed that the X-Box 360 is just as good if not better than either console and has been out for over a year.
An important, maybe the most important, part of the season is to remember that giving and caring for those we love is more important than receiving. A portion of Carbon County youth interviewed were a lot more interested in giving. They reported that they wanted to get the money to help their grandfather receive medical attention for his failing ears and eyes, that they wanted happiness for their father, that they wanted to save for an electric wheelchair for their grandmother. While the season holds different traditions for all the spirit of giving in whatever form it may take is alive and well in Carbon County.

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