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“Marvelous” Fruit Dip



By Sun Advocate

Marvel Nelson thumbs through her family recipe book. In addition to the quick and easy recipe for fruit dip she created some years ago, the book contains a collection of recipes from family members.

On any given Sunday afternoon you’ll find Marvel and Brent Nelson’s three children and seven grandchildren gathered around the table for Sunday dinner. And chances are you will hear chorus’ of “Pass the fruit dip, please!”
Marvel created the recipe one Thanksgiving when she couldn’t find any fruit dip in the store.
“The grocery people told me the pre-made dip had marshmallow cream in it” she said. “And so I decided to figure it out for myself. It turned out great and has been a favorite at our house ever since. And although I make it quite a bit, now it just isn’t Thanksgiving without it!”
When Marvel has time she likes to cook and bake with her granddaughters, teaching them the recipes her parents and grandparents taught her.
“I was raised in Castle Gate, and Brent in Clear Creek, and now we live in Helper. All of our children live in the area” she explains. “And my grandchildren keep me busy.”
Marvel collects teapots and loves to do crafts, like crocheting and sewing. She has quite a collection of recipes all neatly filed in photo albums. One book, obviously well used, is called Marvel’s Family Favorite Recipes and contains all the recipes her family loves. Another has recipes from church. She is now working on creating a family cookbook for her fathers’ side, the Fish family.”
“We recently had our first Fish family reunion, and I’ve decided it would be fun to get a recipe from everyone who was there” she says with a smile. “I’ve been busy mailing requests for recipes to the whole family.”
No doubt that book will be well used also.
In the meanwhile, Marvel will continue having her family over for Sunday dinners, creating memories with her granddaughters as they whip up yet another of Grandma’s wonderful recipes.
Marvel’s Quick and Tasty Fruit Dip
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 small jar marshmallow cream
1 8-oz. bar of cream cheese, softened
1 tsp. vanilla
Whip all together with an electric mixer until smooth. Serve with your favorite fresh fruit.

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