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Wellington council discusses city’s participation in county rec program

By Sun Advocate

The Wellington City Council met last Wednesday and the first item on the agenda was a presentation by director Steve Christensen from the Carbon County Recreation Department.
Christensen was invited to attend the meeting by Wellington Councilman John Pappas.
In a previous meeting, the council discussed the possibility of not supporting the county-based recreation program due to increased costs to the city and low participation by Wellington youth.
The recreation department has asked for a 10 percent increase in funding from local cities in the county for 2006.
Christensen gave an overview of the county recreation program, stating that it was the best in the state and perhaps the entire intermountain region.
Christensen pointed out the program has won awards and offers recreational opportunities all year to the entire local area.
The county recreation director said the outdoor program is exceptional and the district was able to take 250 people into Range Creek last year.
Christensen explained that the 10 percent cost increase will fund another person to help with the outdoor programs and the purchase of a van to replace an old one.
After Christensen answered sveral questions, Pappas recommended that Wellington city continue to support the county recreation program. However, no decision was made at the Jan. 25 Wellington council meeting.
The next item of business was a waterline agreement between the city and Greg and June Parry.
The Parrys have petitioned the city to run a waterline about 800 feet to the couple’s property on the northeast end of town.
Under the proposed agreement, the Parrys would pay the cost of constructing the line, which would be turned over to the city.
The line would be available to other homebuilders in the area and the Parrys would be able to recover part of the estimated $20,000 costs by having the city charge a portion of the construction costs to others who connect to the line.
The council discussed the matter and addressed a few questions that were unclear in the initial draft. They then passed a resolution accepting the agreement in principle. The Parry’s will make necessary changes to the proposal with their attorney, and then present a second draft of the agreement to the council for final approval.
The focus of the meeting then turned to the water service agreement between Wellington and the Price River Water Service District. The item was tabled without discussion.
In council member reports, councilman Ed Chavez reported that the city attorney was reviewing the fire contract between Wellington and Carbon County, and he expected the agreement to be renewed as presented. He also said that the city should ask people attending the Junior Jazz basketball games to park in back of the building and not in front of the fire department building. He said the parking lot is cluttered with cars during the games and they might pose an obstruction to the fire trucks.
Councilman Glen Wells told the council about upcoming work on the Scofield dam, and the need to conserve water for the next two years while the dam is being remodeled. He said that water is already being drawn down from the reservoir this winter to be sure that none goes over the spillway with the spring runoff.
Mayor Karl Houskeeper reported that another check would be sent to PRWID before the end of the month, as agreed. He told those assembled that this check is a final payment that will satisfy the city’s debt to the water district, fulfilling the terms of an agreement that was reached in early 2005. As of February, the city will be current in their billing.

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