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Letter to the Editor: They said no surprises

By Sun Advocate

Two years ago when the new road in Carbonville was proposed I, with all the other landowners, were invited to a county commission meeting. During the meeting they explained what was going to be done and asked all of us to sign a right of way to get the project started. We all asked questions and we were satisfied with the answers and signed the right of way. One of the questions I asked was if I would still have the complete opening into my parking lot at the Country Lanes. I was assured it would be just like it is now.
I then asked will there be any surprises? The answer was no.
Last Wednesday morning Utah Power dug a hole and put a power pole right in the middle of the entrance way. Surprise!
I called Utah Power and asked them why they did this without letting me know until I saw it being done. They replied that it was being put there and there was no room for a compromise.
I called Commissioner Milovich and he said they could not do that. He contacted Utah Power and they told him the same as me. No Compromise!
I then contacted the same UP&L spokesman again and asked him how long ago it was planned to put a pole in the middle of my parking lot. He replied one and a half years ago. 1 asked him why didn’t he contact me then and let me know about it so we could work out some other place for the pole. He didn’t respond.
I don’t blame our county commissioners because I think they were duped just like I was. All they have to do is move the power pole 50 feet north where there was an old one and I would be happy.
The bowling center has been there for 46 years and now they have to put a power pole in the middle of my parking lot entrance. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but I’m just a small business man.
I wonder why they just didn’t put the power lines underground like Emery Telcom just did with the telephone lines along Carbonville Road?

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