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Letter to the Editor: Let congress have social security

By Sun Advocate

I would like to share my feelings about our federal senators and congressmen.
These people we elect to represent us have put into effect a golden parachute for themselves and their spouses when they leave office. It does not matter how many terms they serve, they will collect their pay after they leave office until they die. This retirement plan is paid out of the general fund and adds an enormous dollar amount to the annual budget of our country.
If one person draws $1,000.00 monthly in Social Security Annuity it would take approximately 68 years to equal what one senator could conceivably draw in one month after leaving office.
I believe the solution to the Social Security dilemma is for the US Senate and U.S. House of Representatives to put their retirement into the Social Security system. If this were to happen not only would they correct the problems in the Social Security system but also they would be more likely to fairly represent the people who put them in office.
People should contact their senators and congressmen and let them know how they feel about this issue and request a reply indicating the official position from each elected representative. Then when election time comes vote those persons out of office that are not willing to equitably represent their constituency.
After all these are people who are elected to represent the best interest of the masses, the common people, you and I.

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