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Letter to the Editor: Enact the Castle Doctrine

By Sun Advocate

The state of Florida is the first state in the nation to enact the Castle Doctrine, a critically needed reform that guarantees the right to self defense. The law allows citizens to defend themselfs using firearms if nessecary, for self protection against violent criminals.
The Castle Doctrine puts the law on our side and prevents victims from being sued for injuring, or killing, the criminals who attacked them in the first place. It forces our judges to adjudicate their decisions not side stepping and legislating.
Utah should pass a similar legislation as the Castle Doctrine, whereas it gives the law abiding citizen that right to meet force with force in the case of a violent attack.
The gun ban politicians will scream and holler about this legislation. I would hope that if Governor Huntsman has the interest of the law abiding citizens he will step up to the plate hitting a home run on this piece of legislation.
I would hope that all veterans organizations would fall into rank and file giving him their full support.

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