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Lifepoint Hospitals Honors Castleview CEO Jeff Manley



By Sun Advocate

Jeff Manley, chief executive officer at Castleview Hospital, serves up a piece of cake while celebrating his accomplishment.

LifePoint Hospitals, Inc., recently announced the winner of its annual Fleetwood Operational Excellence Award. The winner for 2005 is Jeff Manley, chief executive officer at Castleview Hospital in Price.
Each year, LifePoint Hospitals chooses a chief executive officer, chief financial officer or chief nursing officer at one of its hospitals as a recipient for the award.
Castleview Hospital is one of 52 hospitals operated by LifePoint.
The Fleetwood Award is named after the late LifePoint CEO, Jim Fleetwood. Fleetwood was one the founders of the company which focused on building a network on non-urban hospitals.
The criteria for the award come from standards that were set by Fleetwood’s example in leadership.
Those criteria include the following:
•Someone who builds relationships with hospital employees and physicians.
•Someone with a management style that encourages high morale, collegiality, teamwork, high standards and integrity.
•Someone who supports employee development so that every employee contributes to the hospital’s mission.
•Someone with strong judgement, who can take on challenges and tough situations with courage and conviction.
•Someone who works with community leaders in a thoughtful, deliberate way to enhance the quality of health care in the community they serve.
In presenting the award, LifePoint recognized Manley in each of these areas.
Manley is also president of the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce.
Manley later said that the award was also a reflection on Castleview Hospital. He recognized that other administrators as well as the staff that operates the hospital are also responsible for the award.
The award is the shape of a sailboat. Fleetwood loved to sail. In choosing a symbol to honor Fleetwood, LifePoint thought it fitting that the hobby of the man that the award honors should be that symbol.
This year is the fourth that the award has been given. Previous awards have gone to administrators at hospitals in Andalusia, Ala.; Georgetown, Ky.; and Vernal.

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