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Babe Ruth takes fourth in state championship play

By Sun Advocate

The Carbon 13 year old Babe Ruth All-star team won one and lost one last Wednesday in a state championship unlike any other.
The first game on Wednesday was a dramatic win for Carbon, who defeated Westside, 3-2.
It was an all around good performance by all team members during game one of what would be a very long day for Carbon’s team.
The entire game was pitched by Neto Pacheco, who only gave up two runs to the Westside team during the entire game. Max Misner, Daniel Peczuh and Richie Wood all scored RBIs.
The second game of the day was even more dramatic, costing Carbon the championship after a 21-7 win for Tooele in five innings. Tooele played well and Carbon had to work extremely hard to get outs against them.
In the first inning, Misner jumped to catch an amazing pop fly, making the first out of the inning and the game. Misner also made the second out of the inning after catching the ball and running it to first. The third out was thanks to Pacheco, who threw the ball to Misner on first.
The second inning was just as difficult for Carbon.
Jonathan Garcia struck out a Tooele player for the first out of the inning. The next out came easily enough for Peczuh, who caught a pop fly in left field with some incredible talent. Wood threw the ball to Misner on first for the last out of the inning, but by the end of the inning, Tooele already had the lead with five runs.
The third inning brought another agonizing inning for Carbon when Tooele made six runs to Carbon’s two.
Amazingly, all three outs of the inning were strikeouts. The first two outs were courtesy of Garcia who struck out two batters, while the third was pitched by Levi Graff.
Misner also helped in the third inning, hitting a single and bringing home a runner.
The fourth inning completed the domination of Tooele when they brought home nine more runs.
Graff pitched another strikeout for the first out in the fourth. Wood helped with the next one, taking out a runner on second. Damion Olsen then came in and pitched another strikeout, completing the last out of the inning.
Both Wood and Garcia hit runners in, while Misner made an awesome double with bases loaded, bringing home all three runners on base.
The fifth inning saw just one more run for Tooele, ending the game at 21-7 and ending an incredible season in fourth place for Carbon.

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