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Carbon County Search & Rescue Demolition Derby results



By Sun Advocate

One participant hits another in the side, lifting up the rear of the car.

First heat winners:
Gus Adams, 44
Brandon Sandoval, 37
Michelle Alderson, 6
Second heat winners:
Jeremy Hobbs, 33
Rick Adams, 4
D.J Grange, 32
Third heat winners:
Carlos Alcon, 12
Gus Adams, 34
Andy Sandoval, 14
Fourth heat winners:
Casey Johnson, 11
Josh Wells, 69
Tyler Martin, 28
First place-Gus Adams
Second place-Rick Adams
Third place-Jeremy Hobbs
Most Aggressive-Jake Parceu
Second most aggressive-Gus Adams
Wipe-Out Winner-Daniel Jamison
Best Paint-Brock Marchello
Best Hit-Gus Adams

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