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Letter to the Editor: Revolving Doors at Border

By Sun Advocate

The March 29 New York Times reported: “In recent months, there has been an eruption of illegal immigration and related violence in Arizona, and with it has come a realization by federal officials: no matter how many hundreds of thousands of migrants they catch and send back over the border, many will return time and again unless the government finds better ways to keep them out of the country and out of harm’s way.”
Mexican and U.S. officials have been discussing “a plan to repatriate Mexican border crossers by sending them deep in to their country…” This, said the Times, is similar to a program scrapped in the 1990s. “Though Mexico had resisted the idea in recent years, American officials saw the willingness to reconsider the plan partly as a sign of good will in response to President Bush’s recent call for a temporary worker program.” But between the lines the Bush administration’s proposed “guest worker” policy has made a bad situation worse. To believe otherwise requires vast self-deception.
Border Patrol agents are infuriated since the plan has encouraged more border jumping. On the southwestern border the number of apprehended illegally leaped by 25 percent in the three months since the proposal was made, reported the Washington Times.
Washington, meanwhile, is trying to appease Mexico City which is pushing the border assault. The amnesty scheme fits in perfectly with the broader FTAA agenda of eradicating the borders on the road to hemispheric union.

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