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Helper Officials Consider Permitting ATV Travel Along Streets Within City

By Sun Advocate

On April 15, the Helper council temporarily tabled a measure that would allow citizens to use all-terrain vehicles, primarily four-wheelers and motorcycles, on city streets to gain access to trails surrounding the town.
“For several years, we have seen more and more ATVs sold in the area and there are a great many of them in Helper,” pointed out Helper Police Chief George Zamantakis, one of the sponsors of the change.
“What I would like to see done is the law changed so that people who own these can ride them from their homes to the trails outside of town,” continued the police chief.
Zamantakis reviewed the entire proposed code with the council.
The main points outlined in the proposed code included the fact that certain roads would be off limits (such as Main Street) and residents could not ride the all-terrain vehicles to get from one place to another inside the city, but only to access the trails.
Councilman Chuck Buchanan wondered about what vehicles were included in the proposal.
“Would this include snowmobiles?” asked Buchanan.
Zamantakis said the change would be primarily for four wheelers and motorcycles.
Councilman Bob Farrell voiced concern about the status of state funding for roads in the community.
“I have talked with some people from the state about this and I am concerned that we could lose some money by doing this,” said Farrell.

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