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Authorities apprehend suspect in burglary case

By Sun Advocate

On April 21, the Helper City Police Department responded to a burglary complaint at a private residence on Stack Street.
According to Helper Police Chief George Zamantakis, Mildred Fox reportedly discovered that her home had been broken into while she had been away on a trip.
Among the items listed as missing from the residence by Fox were the woman’s vehicle, a .357 handgun, money, papers and keys, indicated the police incident report.
Law enforcement investigators Kevin Saccomano and Ralph Vose identified the suspected entry point as a broken window, continued Zamantakis.
In addition, the police officers purportedly found the vehicle of Fox’s son parked in the woman’s garage.
During the investigation, the law enforcement officers discovered that Eric Fox was on record with the adult probation and parole offices in Salt Lake City and Price.
According to the incident report, authorities launched an immediate search for Eric Fox due to evidence collected during the investigation into the incident in Helper.
The state’s alcohol, tobacco and firearms agency was also contacted because the alleged burglary involved a weapon, noted Zamantakis.
The following day, Salt Lake probation-parole officials contacted the Helper police department to inform local authorities that Fox had been located.
The Salt Lake officials had also located the vehicle and several items listed as missing in connection with the incident.
Eric Fox was transported back to Carbon County by Zamantakis and Vose on a $10,000 warrant issued by the 7th District Court.
The arrest warrant was issued by the 7th District Court on four separate felony level charges.
The charges included one second degree burglary of a dwelling and two second degree theft counts along with an additional third degree unlawful possession of of a firearm offense.
The 3rd District Court also issued a $100,000 for Eric Fox’ arrest on an unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person charge, concluded the Helper police chief.

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