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Helper council selects engineering firm for city water line project



By Sun Advocate

Councilman Bob Welch

Earlier in the year, it was discovered that the main water feed line from lower Fish Creek to Helper city’s culinary system was failing. To pay for the repairs and line replacement, the town had to turn to the Utah Community Impact Board for funds to resolve the emergency situation. The CIB awarded a $244,716 grant to Helper in September and the city has been planning to complete the work.
On Dec. 18, the city council reviewed bids from three engineering firms to perform the design work on the line. Firms submitting proposals included Nolte Engineering, Salt Lake, $73,474; Hansen, Allen and Luce of Price, $76,000; and Hansen and Associates of Brigham City, $63,300.
After looking at the bids and reviewing the work of the companies along with the firms’ familiarity with the project, the council decided to go with Hansen, Allen and Luce.
“We felt that since the firm has already been working with us to solve some of the problems with the line, they would be the best company to hire for the entire project,” said Helper Councilman Bob Welch, who is over the water department. “We just need to get moving to solve the problem.”
Acting on an unrelated budget matter, the council approved a lease purchase of a new truck for the city’s water department.
“We’ve really had a stroke of bad luck lately,” said Mayor Joe Bonacci. “The engine in our sewer truck has gone out and we need to replace the vehicle.”
Welch explained to the council that repairing the truck would cost much more than it is worth and that the lease/purchase of another truck would be much more economical.
“We were able to find a 2004 Ford on state bid for $21,000,” explained Welch. “We looked at some used trucks the state had on surplus, but none fit what we needed. We will be using the existing bed for the truck, so that will save us quite a bit of money.”
The council reviewed proposals submitted by two firms to design a website for the city. Numerous cities have found that web sites help the local tourism industry. The sites are helpful to citizens who live in the community as well, since they list events, schedules for government meetings and other pertinent data about civic affairs.
The council decided to have the two firms make a presentations to the city’s planning and zoning board, since the suggestion to develop a website emanated from that body.
Once the planning and zoning members have seen the presentations, the council will ask for a recommendation from the board.
The council approved the construction of a fire wall in the Helper city library at a cost of $1,043. The money for the project will come out of the library’s present budget.

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