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Rams host Castle Valley Wrestling Tournament to end season



By Sun Advocate

Many wrestlers, parents and fans gathered at Helper Junior High on Thursday for the annual Castle Valley Wrestling Tournament, the final wrestling event of the season for local junior high athletes.
Canyon View went away as league champions, with Helper finishing second, Mont Harmon coming in third and San Rafael taking fourth.
East Carbon also participated in the tournament, taking fifth out of all the teams.
Team scores were:
Canyon View, 274; Mont Harmon, 208; Helper, 173; San Rafael, 142; East Carbon, 13.5.
The tournament began first thing Thursday morning and championship rounds for each weight class took place that evening.
The final results from the individual weight class championship rounds were:
Heavy weight – 1st, Jay Workman, Helper; 2nd, Josh Critchlow, M.H.; 3rd, Tommy Elkface, M.H.; 4th, Tracy Jackson, C.V.
175 – 1st, Ivan Orteg, C.V.; 2nd, Derek Jensen, C.V.; 3rd, Trevor Mitcheson, S.R.; 4th, Alex Collins, Helper.
165 – 1st, West Hunsaker, Helper; 2nd, Wade Bohn, C.V.; 3rd, Kenny Baker, S.R.; 4th, Pete Yakovich, M.H.
155 – 1st, Zac Clements, C.V.; 2nd, Aaron Stefanoff, M.H.; 3rd, Adam Archer, Helper; 4th, Dronc VanWagoner, C.V.
148 – 1st, Justin Miller, C.V.; 2nd, James McKendrick, Helper; 3rd, J.J. Blue, M.H.; 4th, Chris Wilson, C.V.
140 – 1st, Guy Judd, C.V.; 2nd, Ricky Riche, Helper; 3rd, Matt Salas, M.H.; 4th, Davey Cox, M.H.
132 – 1st, Colton Martinez, M.H.; 2nd, Brock Winn, S.R.; 3rd, Tony Leon, C.V.; 4th, Cole Bunderson, S.R.
124 – 1st, Preston Lodeserto, Helper; 2nd, Aaron Sandovol, M.H.; 3rd, Wacy Allred, C.V.; 4th, Alex Judd, S.R.
118 – 1st, Patrick Strey, M.H.; 2nd, Nick Cox, C.V.; 3rd, Steven Brown, E.C.; 4th, Tyler Bean, M.H.
111 – 1st, Kenny Davis, Helper; 2nd, Brandon Branch, M.H.; 3rd, Kesler Tanner, S.R.; 4th, Mike Jones, C.V.
105 – 1st, Landon Huntsman, S.R.; 2nd, Derrick Horrocks, M.H.; 3rd, Kache Moosman, E.C.; 4th, Steven Scow, M.H.
99 – 1st, Nick Oviatt, C.V.; 2nd, Steven Giles, S.R.; 3rd, Tyrail Dye, S.R.; 4th, Tanner Herrick, M.H.
93 – 1st, Tyson Herrick, M.H.; 2nd, Addison Collard, C.V.; 3rd, Jordan Tatton, M.H.; 4th, David Bennett, S.R.
87 – 1st, Sam Bawden, C.V.; 2nd, Vern Kofford, S.R.; 3rd, Dylan Olson, Helper; 4th, Brantz Woolsey, S.R.
81 – 1st, Jason Giles, S.R.; 2nd, McKay Allred, C.V.; 3rd, Landon Fehlbag, C.V.; 4th, Brandon Watkins, M.H.
75 – 1st, Zack Walls, C.V.; 2nd, Zach Bechman, M.H.; 3rd, Zach Garman, Helper.

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